About us

At the end of 2016, I briefly met Olivia on a video shoot in Mannheim, my home town in Germany.  Her beautiful, exotic dark skin and her deep, mysterious eyes immediately pulled me toward her. But I was on my way to Chiang Mai in Thailand, where I spent most of my time these days. The ticket was booked and I was about to fly in a week. Our timing was bad and I thought it wasn’t meant to be. 

However, Olivia didn’t want to let go so quickly and she kept texting me. After a couple of weeks of sweet and seductive messages, I couldn’t stop thinking about her and wanted her close to me. So I invited her to come to Thailand and be with me. 

It was a little bit risky for both of us, as we never had a romantic moment together in real life. Our relationship was based completely in the digital world. But we went for it and Olivia booked the flight. 

On December 9th, I picked her up from the airport, took her home, and we had our first magical kiss on a balcony under the stars of South East Asia. The weight of the risk we took fell off our shoulders and we knew exactly that all of this was meant to be.

I showed her the magic of Chiang Mai from my perspective. We enjoyed the sun, ate the best food, and took pictures everywhere. Wherever we went, I was proud to have her by my side and her radiant energy filled my heart up with joy and love for her. I loved to see her smile and to hear her laugh. I loved our deep conversations and the way she taught me about plants. I loved to feel her on the back of my motorbike and in my arms when we went to bed at night. We were happy and we fell in love with each other.
Unfortunately, in our society nobody teaches us how to love and be in a relationship. So we sailed our relation-ship naively and blindly through the wild waters of love. Until we crashed. We really wanted to, but we just couldn’t make it work. We didn’t know how. In tears, we broke up and I drove her back to the airport, where we said goodbye to each other, heartbroken and deeply sad about our ending.

When I got back to my apartment, I wondered how I could love more art- and masterfully next time I’m in a relationship. And as we live in the time of smartphones, my first thought went to apps. We use technology to enhance so many areas of our lives and to fix so many of our problems, surely there must be something to help me with my next relationship.

Surprisingly, I couldn’t find anything that I thought would even remotely be able to help me. Part of me was disappointed by the lack of tools for love, but more importantly, another part was excited to have stumbled upon an incredible opportunity to create a valuable gift for humanity. 

Driven by my new mission, I read book after book on love & relationships, apps, UI & UX design, marketing, branding and business. It wasn’t easy but I was committed to figuring out how to create a conscious relationship app that can really help couples to reach their full potential in love. It was a long, but fulfilling journey full of ups and downs.
I kept in touch with Olivia all these years. Back then, I didn’t know how to make our relationship work, but I knew that I didn’t want to lose her. We spent many years in an open relationship framework called “Free Love”, which was a way for us to keep our love alive, free of the pressures and expectations of a monogamous, exclusive relationship. We weren’t committed but we were in each other’s lives, which was the most important thing to me. 

Empowered by all that I learned over the years, I was able to move our relationship into yet again a new direction. Olivia started learning with me and through lots of beautiful, loving and open-hearted relationship practices, we were able to elevate our love to a whole new level. We found our way back into a committed relationship and we are more in love, more connected, and more on purpose than ever before.

We live in Bali now and we use and develop Couple Bubble together. It’s really beautiful to see how the universe brought us back together, full circle. Because of our breakup, I wanted to build a conscious relationship app, and now we use it to create the relationship of our dreams together. 

If we can do it, you can do it too. 

With love & devotion,
Dominik Baum
CEO of Couple Bubble