Recommended Books

Here are some of the best books on love and relationships. They are a great addition to working with Couple Bubble. The books are in no particular order. Start with whichever resonates with you most.

Getting the Love You Want
by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., and Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D

Getting the love you want is one of the best relationship books ever written. Their deep insights into our subconsciousness and how it affects our relationships opens the door to effective and lasting transformation. The book helps us to get to a new level of self-awareness by teaching us how our childhood wounds influence and sabotage our present relationships. It also explains why we always meet exactly the partner with the seemingly magic ability to trigger these wounded parts of ourselves and why they're the perfect match to help us heal and evolve. By applying the principles in this book, we can let go of the past, finally be free again, and enjoy the present in its purest way. 

Conscious Loving
by Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks

Coming from dysfunctional families, Gay and Kathlyn realized that they both re-created patterns from their parents and families. They were stuck in past drama instead of living their own true version of love in the present. By spotting and transforming these subconscious patterns, they were able to break out of their destructive cycles and get to a new empowered state, which they call co-commitment. It's a state which enhances the love, energy and creativity in both partners and leads to harmonious relationships. In Conscious Loving they share their own journey and teach you how to move past power struggles, balance your needs for intimacy and independence, be present in your body, show up in an authentic way and create the loving relationship we all want and deserve.

Quantum Love
by Laura Berman, Ph.D.

Laura Berman explains complex quantum physics concepts in simple terms, easy to understand for everyone. She shows us how transforming our inner world will transform our experiences in the outer world. Her book teaches us how we can consciously work with the energy of our minds, hearts and bodies. It contains a wide range of wisdom, techniques and exercises that will help you elevate your frequency and transform your relationship on the probably highest level possible.

The 7 principles for making marriage work
by John M. Gottman, Ph.D.

John Gottman is a leading researcher of marriage and family. He analysed the behavior of couples that leads to success or failure of their relationship. And with the principles provided in this book, he is able to predict with a 91% accuracy if a couple is able to create a healthy and happy relationship or not. Based on research, the book is full of practical advice on resolving conflict, creating connection and deepening intimacy.

The Honeymoon Effect
by Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.

Do you remember the spectacular time when you first fell in love? Are you missing the romance, excitement and passion? What if you could bring it back and make it last forever? Blissful relationships aren't a coincidence or luck. We consciously manifest them and have them power to keep the magic going for as long as we choose. The Honeymoon Effect explains how we can transform ourselves through quantum physics, biochemistry and psychology, and create juicy love relationships that last a lifetime. 

Choose Her Every Day (or Leave Her)
by Bryan Withrow Reeves

In 2010, at age 36, while going through yet another agonizing breakup, Bryan had an epiphany: He knew nothing useful about how to do intimate relationship well. In that moment of painful realization he vowed to never suck at intimacy again. Thus began an extraordinary journey into the realms of love, sex, relationship. This book is Bryan’s anthology of stories, insights, practical tools, and secrets (that should never be secrets!) to help guide you on your own journey to thriving in love and intimacy.

Wired for love
by Stan Tatkin

Everyone is wired for love differently. Stan explains three major attachment styles - the anchor, the island and the wave, each having their own behavior and patterns. These styles are fight or flight responses and biological strategies to keep us safe. Unfortunately, they can also create a great deal of confusion and frustration, especially in relationships. Wired for love helps us understand our partner's brains and provides plenty of insights for creating a safe relationship, not only for the individual, but for both partners as a couple.

Mating in captivity
by Esther Perel

In the beginning, sex is new and exciting. Our fires burn without any effort. But once we settle in and get comfortable, our erotic flame extinguishes quickly. The peace of routine replaces the thrill of the mysterious. So how can we live with the safety and stability of a committed relationship, yet experience the unpredictably and risk that's so essential for an exciting sex life? Mating in captivity brings these opposing forces together and is a highly intelligent take on the importance of play and fantasy to rekindle our erotic desires for each other.

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts
by Gary Chapman

Gary Chapman shows us that every person gives and receives love in their own, individual way. But because we think that our way of experiencing love is universal, inadvertently we end up miscommunicating in the way we love each other. Despite our best efforts, we can end up misunderstood and frustrated. Gary's simple, yet powerful approach teaches us how to speak the same language, create understanding and connection, and raise the quality of love in our relationships.

Spiritual Partnership
by Gary Zukav

As our understanding of the world changes, we are called to change too. And as we discover the limits of our five senses, we're starting to explore new ways to move beyond them and reach higher states of consciousness. A paradigm shift is coming and Gary invites us to deepen the purpose of our relationships by challenging and healing frightened parts of ourselves and stepping into our true, authentic power through spiritual growth.