Creating the future we want to love in

Love is the most powerful energy in the universe. It has deeply nurturing, healing and transformative qualities. It's also the most elevated way of interacting with life. In whatever you engage in, if you do it in the spirit of love, you do it in harmony and with the best intentions for everyone and everything involved.

At the core of our being, we are pure love.

We are also a tribal species. Our systems are wired for connection because for the biggest part of our existence we needed each other in order to survive. The need to belong sits so deep in us that we need contact to others in order to have a fulfilling life. Without connection we suffer and wither. In togetherness, our life gains purpose and we thrive.

Intimate, romantic relationships are our closest and deepest way of connecting with each other. And they're our highest expression of our ability to love. They combine our core need for connection with the greatest energetic state we can be in. They hold the keys to a life well lived. And with that, they deserve to be of highest priority in our personal lives as well as our societies as a global community.

Right now, we live in a world based on power, competition and profits. And we all suffer under these values. We can free ourselves from this pain by transforming our world into one based on love, cooperation and sharing.

Love is the solution to pretty much all of our problems and the only sustainable way forward. And the change begins with ourselves. For every one of us who chooses to live their life based on a foundation of love, the world will become a better place. If you elevate the love in yourself, it will radiate outward and touch everyone around you. You have all the power you need to make a big difference on the planet!

Unfortunately, nobody is teaching us how to use this power to love well and to be in harmonious, synergistic relationships. Love schools don't exist in our communities and there's a lot of suffering and confusion in our intimate experiences. 

Too long have we fallen in love. It's time to rise!

We are here to elevate the level of love in our world. To raise the quality of relationships by nurturing them with knowledge and wisdom. To empower them with innovative frameworks, tools and techniques that are accessible and easy to use for everyone. To elevate society by elevating couplehood. We are here to push the human race forward in a spirit of consciousness, connection and cooperation. We are here to heal, transform and bathe the world in love!

Come and join us! You are wanted, needed and loved!